When you add your team to your account, you can also define their role within the account. Their access will be restricted based on the role assigned:

  1. Support Agents have access to the least features in your account. They can engage in customer conversations, access the People section, and edit their own profile information.
  2. Support Managers will be able to create/edit campaigns and FAQs, apart from the access given to Support Agents.
  3. Admin can do everything the account admin can, but Admin cannot create custom roles.
  4. Account Admin/Owner has access to everything.

Why do you need Roles and Permissions?

  • To match the agent role in your company to their role in your account 

For example, you might want your customer support team to be able to create new FAQ articles but not launch marketing campaigns. And when you have interns joining your team, you might want them to be able to view customer conversations for training purposes but not reply to them.

  • To manage large teams

This feature also comes in handy when you have teams spread geographically across different regions or if you have different departments (pre-sales, sales, customer support, engineering, etc). You can restrict access to teams not to access conversations handled by other regions or other departments. Or you might want an agent with an Admin role to be able to manage settings and view the Dashboard and Reports of only their teams.

The available roles are:

  • Account Admin
  • Administrator
  • Support Agent
  • Support Manager
  • Marketing User
  • Marketing Manager
  • Restricted User

Sales User

You can also create custom roles with granular access permissions. 

Note: Custom roles are available from the Pro and Enterprise plans. 

  • Go to Admin Settings > Team Management > Users and Roles > Roles > Create role
  • Only account admins can update or create new custom roles 
    • Agents assigned a custom role themselves cannot perform this action

  • Give the role a name
  • Define their levels of access, such as:
    • Global: It means your agent can add private notes on all conversations
    • Group: Can add private notes only on conversations that are assigned to those groups the agent is part of 
    • Restricted: Can only add private notes to the conversations they are taking up