With Siri Shortcuts support on the Freshchat iOS app, you can do everyday tasks on Freshchat with a tap or by asking Siri. 

Note: This is supported only from iOS 12. Siri needs to be enabled for this feature to work.

You can use Siri Shortcuts on the Freshchat iOS App to do the following:

  • Get the count of conversations assigned to you
  • Set yourself active or inactive on IntelliAssign 

Important: You get Siri Shortcuts from the Free plan but IntelliAssign is available only from Enterprise plan in Freshchat so if you want to use the IntelliAssign feature/shortcut you need to be on Enterprise plan in Freshchat .

To activate Siri Shortcuts, g
o to Settings > Siri Shortcuts and select the desired option.

Once activated you can use Siri to execute these commands.

With the Siri Shortcuts feature on the Freshchat iOS app, the possibilities are endless. 

For example, you can automate everyday tasks based on various conditions like time, location, etc. Using the Siri Shortcuts app you can automatically set yourself active on IntelliAssign when you walk into work and go inactive when you leave work. 

iOS will send you a push notification asking permission to execute the action based on your settings.