Multiple ticket forms allow you to show the relevant form to your customers depending on what they want to contact you. Admins can effortlessly create ticket forms and provide a tailored customer experience by personalizing the form conditionally based on their needs. These forms could be specific to the customers’ product, brand, or issue.

You can access all your ticket forms by clicking on Admin > Ticket forms. 

The forms can be associated with different portals and/or translated to different languages. Here, you can find the Portals associated with your forms, the last updated timestamp, and user information.  

Read this article to learn more about associating a form with a specific portal.  

When you want to edit a ticket form, you have to remember that the changes will reflect on all the Portals the respective form is associated with. 

You can also rename or clone existing forms to create duplicates, make the required changes and deploy them on the portal of your choice seamlessly. 

When you delete a ticket form, it will be removed from all the associated portals. This change is irreversible, so we suggest you remove the Portal associations and check if the form is linked to any automation before deleting it.