You can ensure that every time you access the Freshdesk mobile app, it is authenticated using biometrics/passcode by enabling app lock.

Currently, if you log in to the app using Freshdesk credentials, the session remains valid until expiry or a manual logout. However, during this period, anyone with access to the device will be able to access your helpdesk information. With the app lock in place, every time you launch the app will need to be authorized by sharing the device-specific credentials either as a passcode, Touch ID, or Face ID.

Setting up app lock

  • Setting up authentication on the device:

This setup is a prerequisite for enabling app lock on the Support Desk app. Follow the instructions linked below to set up authentication on your device.

  1. For devices with Face ID enabled, you can refer to the article Set up Face ID on iPhone.
  2. For devices with Touch ID enabled, you can refer to the article Set up Touch ID on iPhone.
  3. For older devices with only passcode options available, you can refer to this article Set a passcode on iPhone.

  • Enabling app lock for Freshdesk

Once you have set up the authentication, you need to enable it on the app to get started. Follow the below steps to enable app lock on your device.

  • Open the Support Desk app, and click on the profile icon to open the app settings.
  • Click on App lock on the settings screen 

  • Turn on the toggle for ‘Use app lock’. If you haven't set up the authentication on the device, you will be redirected to the phone settings screen to set it up..’
  • If you have set up the authentication on the device, you will be prompted to confirm the authentication by entering the passcode/ pressing the Touch ID sensor, and glancing at the device for Face ID.
  • Once the toggle is enabled, you can choose how often the app needs to request authentication. 
    1. Immediately - the app will request authentication immediately upon minimizing the app and reopening.
    2. After 1/5/15/30 minutes - the app will request authentication after the set duration of minimizing the app. Until then, users will be able to access the app data directly. <Insert screenshot>

Points to note:    

  1. If you disable the device-level authentication, the app lock will also be disabled automatically.  
  2. Freshdesk does not store your authentication details (passcode, fingerprint, face details). The app will only use the information shared by Apple on the device.
  3. The app lock settings will only be available on that device on which it is configured. If you use multiple devices, you need to configure the app lock on all the devices separately.
  4. The settings are not tied to Freshdesk sign-in credentials. The same app lock setting will be applicable if you switch accounts on one device.

Opening the app with app lock

Once you have enabled the app lock on the Support Desk mobile app, you will be prompted to authenticate every time you open the app (or as per the duration configured in the app settings). If Touch ID/ Face ID authentication fails, you can enter your passcode to gain access to the app.

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