This article provides details about what's changed in the new Freshdesk portal. The new Freshdesk Portal allows admins to effortlessly create and manage multiple unique portals to deliver a tailor-made self-service experience. For a general overview of the new Freshdesk portal experience, check The All-new Freshdesk Portal - An overview.

If you are an existing Freshdesk user using the Freshdesk Portal without customizations, you can quickly switch to the Marina theme. 

If you are an existing Freshdesk user with a customized Freshdesk portal, you need to make changes to your current portal on the Code Editor after switching to Marina. Since the new Marina theme uses a different layout, elements and classes, the same CSS or HTML used on the older version will become invalid. To resolve this, you must redo the customizations on the Code Editor.

Note: The elements, colors, style, and font size used in the Marina theme are the recommended WCAG components. When you customize these elements, we recommend you stick to the WCAG recommendation provided by WCAG to stay compliant.

Use the same code while creating a new portal

If you already use multiple portals with customizations, follow the instructions below to reuse the same code while creating more portals.

  1. Go to Admin > Portals and click Customize.
  2. You can view the list of themes available in your account. You will see the new Marina theme and the Mint Freshdesk theme (Your current theme applied to the portal).
  3. Click on the three dots at the bottom, and click Download to download the theme as a zip file. You will receive the zip file ( on your registered email ID.
    Note: Ensure that the email address is verified since the emails will not be delivered to an unverified agent's email address. 

Once downloaded the zip file, proceed with the following steps:

  1. Go to Admin > Channels > Portals.
  2. Choose the portal of your choice and click Customize.
  3. Click Import and upload the file.
  4. Once imported, you will see the imported theme as Mint Freshdesk.
  5. Click Edit Theme on the Mint Freshdesk theme.
  6. Click Publish and select Bulk publish. You can see the number of codes in the draft state. Note: This is a critical step since the imported code will be in draft until you publish, and it is important to publish the code before making it live. 
  7. Click Publish.
  8. Once published successfully, Click More to apply the imported theme.

Note: The imported theme will only be on the old layout. So, new features like apps on the customer portal and WCAG compliance will not be applicable. You have to customize the Marina theme to use the new features. While customizing the theme, ensure to follow the WCAG compliance guidelines. 

Features available on the new portal

The following features are exclusively available on the new portal. For more details, see The All-new Freshdesk Portal - An overview.

  • Multiple ticket forms
  • Advanced ticket filters on portals
  • Display portal-specific tickets for customers
  • Count agent views for articles on the customer portal

Changes in the new portal

The following sections show some of the major differences between the old and new portals:

  1. Enhanced Portal list page:
    You can see an enhanced portal list view. For more details, see Customizing your customer portal.
  2. Portal settings:
    With the Portal Settings option, you can easily manage the portal settings and the different sections in your portal, and customize the branding. For more details, see Portal Settings.
    Older version: