Emails generally land in the inbox of the contact but sometimes we have also experienced emails landing in the spam or junk folder and it is lost forever. This would affect the email engagement and even the best marketer faces this issue.

Reasons why your emails land in the spam folder:

1)The contact would have not opted/subscribed to receive your emails. Hence the email engagement and interaction becomes less which ultimately lands the email in the spam folder of the recipients.
2) If the IP address you are sending on already has a negative reputation from the previous domain or current senders then, your emails might land in the spam folder.
3)Using a large number of links and images will have a toll on the email content.
4)Unverified domains and senders from different domains.
5)Low domain reputation- Sometimes based on the user experience with the mail, Gmail and some mail clients land the mail in the spam.

Here are few points which you could follow to avoid emails hitting the contact's spam folder,

a) Verify your domain.
b) Constantly clean up your email list to stay updated with the recent data. Do not retarget hard bounced or unsubscribed contacts.
c) Avoid spammy words. Use a limited number of fonts and colors.
d) Build your own email list and refrain from using shared list, purchasing, renting, co-registering.
e) Keep content relevant by using personalization and dynamic content. This would increase the recipients email engagement. Always proof-read your emails before you hit the send button to send relevant content.
f) Use double opt-in.
g) Provide unsubscribe links in your email and respect the unsubscribers.
h) Do not send too many campaigns in a short period of time. Nurture your leads in a phased manner.