Supported file format: CSV or XLSX. Please convert all your files into .CSV or .XLSX format before attempting to import data.


There are two options available to import the users in bulk. You can choose either one.

  1. Go to Admin Settings > Teams & Territories > UsersThis opens the Users page. Click Import users button to open the import overlay.
  2. Go to Admin Settings Data & Import section and click Users Import.

There are 4 important things that you would need to know about when you import users from a .CSV/XLSX file. They are described in detail below:

  • Preparing your CSV/XLSX file

  • Importing the file

  • Mapping fields

  • Reasons for failure of data import


1. Preparing your CSV/XLSX file

You can create your own file or download existing users from import users overlay that you can use it as reference.

Make sure that your CSV/XLSX file has mandatory fields of User Email, Full name and Role with appropriate values. 

Job Title, Work number, Mobile number, Reporting To, Teams, Deal pipeline and Territories are supportive fields for add/update of users. If a user is part of multiple teams, territories or deal pipelines you can upload them as comma separated. For example, if John is part of North US and East US teams, you can specify the teams as North US, East US in the file against John's record.

2. Importing the file

You can drag or upload the file. Once you've uploaded the file, choose one of the two options.

Create new users: This turns all the data from the file as new users.

Create new and update existing users: The existing users with matching email address will be updated and records with new email address will be created as new users.

  • For existing users, these details cannot be updated: Full name, Email address, Job title, Mobile number, Work number.
    • Teams, Territories, Pipeline, and Reporting manager can be edited
    • Once you overwrite, you won't be able to revert
  • Make sure there are no commas in your team names, territory names and pipeline names. If a comma is present in the names it would be considered as two separate records and the import will fail. For example, the team name shouldn't be East, US. The application will consider as East and US as separate teams.
  • Make sure email address of users is not duplicated in your file.
  • If the email address matches, duplicates will be automatically skipped.
  • If your import fails, check your email for the error report.
  • The import file shouldn't be larger than 5 MB.


Click .


3. Mapping fields


The Map Columns To Fields overlay that you now see is exclusively for mapping the columns in your import file with the users fields.

Mapping the field is critical to the success of the import, so here’s a list of know-how to help you do it right.

  • If there are columns that you do not wish to import, you can skip those columns by simply not mapping them with any field if they are not mandatory.

  • As fields get mapped, they become disabled for mapping with another column (Fields are distinct).

  • Lastly, make sure the values in the file matches the field choices in drop down.

  • After you’re done mapping the fields, hit Import.

  • If your CSV file is small, the import will be instantaneous and you can see a green label that gives you the number of successful imports. If the file is large, you will be taken to the import progress screen where you can see the progress of your imports.



4. Why did some of my data not get imported? (Reasons for failure of data import)


When importing users, these are the possible reasons for the failure of data import:

  • Invalid email address - If the email addresses in your CSV/XLSX file aren’t of the proper format (e.g: jamesampleton@sales , 

  • Unmapped Columns - Columns that aren’t mapped with any of the fields

  • Picklist Values - If you’re mapping a column with values for a picklist such as Drop down menu with a field in the application, double-check the values in the column to ensure that they match with the appropriate field choices.
    For example, if you want to add/update the role of a Sales Manager as Manager, you have to enter Manager in the import file in the role column against this Sales Manager.