1)Can bulk emails be sent via transactional emails?


Transactional emails generally ensure a high deliverability rate, email authenticity, and hits the inbox of the customer. However, on the other hand bulk email campaigns uses IPs that comparatively have a low reputation with ISPs and ESPs (Email Service Providers). 

If we attempt to send our bulk emails via transactional email, then our Ips are at stake. An email sent from a low reputable IP are likely to land in the recipients' spam or junk folder this in turn affects the transactional email deliverability hence it is not advisable to use transactional email feature for sending bulk emails.



2)How do I populate the information on the Transactional emails:


Please use the tokens to populate the information dynamically from website


For example :If you want to populate the “First name” then please use the token {{token::first_name}}


3)Is transactional email present on all Freshmarketer plans


No, currently transactional email feature is only present under the “Estate plan” of freshmarketer.


4)Does freshmarketer use separate IPs to deliver the transactional email?


Yes, since the emails need to be delivered to their inbox, we use the separate IPs specifically for TE.


5)How is the values of the personalization token passed to the emails 

The token values are passed on via the API as json objects.