1) Does freshmarketer support all the custom field types like that of the freshsales?

No, currently freshmarketer supports only below custom fields types,

- Dropdown

- Text

- Paragraph

- Number

- Checkbox

- Date picker

Note: Field types like lookup, tooltip, multiselect, radio button, formula, etc are not part of the freshmarketer hence, please use a dependent field workflow in freshsales to copy the data from one field to another, or please change the field type in freshsales to match with freshmarketer field type.

2) How do I make changes to the integration when the sync is on run?

Please navigate to the Freshmarketer settings> Integration > Pause the sync and then make the

necessary changes.

 3) Can we sync the Freshsales Account/ Deals/ Company field with Freshmarketer?

No, currently we will only be able to sync the lead and contacts module fields between FM and FSA. As a workaround, please create a custom field under the lead or contact module in freshsales and then sync those details to Freshmarketer.

4) Do we have selective sync in Freshmarketer?

No, during the initial sync all the contacts or leads based on your integration settings will be pushed from freshsales into freshmarketer. It is advisable to download from freshsales and import the selective data into freshmarketer if you want to sync only specific contacts or leads. Please note there is NO selective sync available as part of freshmarketer.

 5) Should I have Admin access to perform integration between Freshsales and freshmarketer?

Yes, you should have Admin access both in Freshsales and Freshmarketer.

6) What are Email activities sync? How do I sync the activities between two systems?

Email activities sync is a process of syncing all the marketing activities performed by the leads and contact in Freshmarketer under the Freshsales recent activities section to have more visibility of what emails were sent to the leads from Freshmarketer

Please note that if you have already set up the integration between the Freshmarketer and Freshsales then please "Disconnect" once completely to sync the "Marketing Email Activities" from FM to FSA.

 7) Will the existing email activities be synced from Freshsales to Freshmarketer?

No, the email activities will only be synced for the leads or contacts after the existing FM- FSA integration is disconnected and setup again.

8) Unable to disconnect the sync and ‘pause sync’ option is greyed out, what should I do?

Please drop an email to support@freshmarketer.com and our technical team will fix it asap.

9) Start sync is option greyed out why?

Mostly due to the wrong or unmapped fields under the integration section is the reason for the start sync option to grey out, if a specific field is marked as “required “in Freshsales then please make sure that it is mandatory to map all the required field in Freshsales with Freshmarketer else you will not be able to start the sync.

Workaround: Either create a custom field in Freshmarketer and perform the field mapping Or, if you want to sync immediately, please uncheck the “required” check box for that specific field and you will be able to start sync without any issue.

10) Do we have Freshsales -territories feature in Freshmarketer?

No, Currently, Freshmarketer does not support "territories" functionality while syncing with


11) How do I disconnect the Freshsales from other Trial accounts?

If you have already integrated Freshmarketer with Freshsales under your trial account, then please navigate to the old trial account, disconnect the sync under the “connect” section and then try to set up the integration with New account in Freshmarketer. Otherwise, the integration will throw the error “Already connected”.

12) What does “failed” logs means under the Integration?

If the leads or contact who does not have an email address or has an invalid email address will not be synced into Freshmarketer since “Email” field details are mandatory to create leads or contacts in Freshmarketer.

13) Can I use a Radio button in Freshmarketer?

No, Freshmarketer does not support the Radio button however as a workaround please use the drop-down field in Freshsales like that of the Freshmarketer and mark the drop-down field type as “required” in Freshsales.