You can configure custom audiences for your experiments. These audiences can be later added to any experiment.

Why do you need Custom Audience?


At times, you might want to run experiments to analyze the behavior of a specific group of visitors to be able to provide better service.

  • Your company might have specific offers to be applicable to a specific portion or region of visitors and you choose to analyze upon that particular group.

  • You might choose to analyze user data from your own organization. In this case, you can create an experiment targeting a particular IP range of your firm.

Consider, Dryver as a mobile-based cab booking service provider. Dryver might choose to analyze the user behavior of Apple phone user at a particular time of the particular day in a particular city.

All default audience and most used audience options might not choose to cater to the needs of Dryver.

The web application lets you analyze upon user data with user-defined targeting options

Custom Audience

You can choose to include the audience based on conditions such as,

1.Visitor type

2.Operating system

3.Mobile Devices

4.Browser of the visitor

5.Current URL

6.Referrer URL

7.Cookie value

8.Day of the week

9.Hour of the day


11.Javascript Variable

12.IPv4 (range addresses)

13.IPv6 (range addresses)

14.Device Type

15.Query Parameter

16.User Agent

17.Uploaded Audience - Upload the custom audience file (.csv or .tsv) and target them based on two options - Query Parameter or Cookie.

To know about the advanced targeting options that the web application provides, read this article  

You can create a custom audience by incorporating one or more of the aforementioned criteria. You can also include Logical AND and Logical OR between one or more criteria to make your designated audience segment. Read about setting up custom audience segment