Session replay is the reproduction of a user’s interactions on a website exactly or as close as possible to how the user actually experienced it.

With the help of such session recordings, one can understand:

  • How the experience for visitors has been.

  • Which content of the website makes or breaks

  • When, where, why visitors get frustrated and drop off.

Now with enhanced functionality, session replay also records different types of errors visitors experience to isolate what went wrong.

Types of errors:

  • Rage clicks

  • Console error

  • Console warning

  • Client error (4XX)

  • Server error (5XX)

  • Javascript error

Rage click

Rage click is an event when a user repeatedly clicks on a link or a button, indicating that an element on the website is not responding. It is a digital signal of a user's annoyance with your site's UX.

Console error

A ‘console error’ message is an important message representing an unresolved failure in the page. In other words, when you see an error, the page isn't running as intended.


Console warning

Web developers often log messages to the console to inspect how their JavaScript is working. These warnings help developers understand how is the Javascript being executed.

Client error (4XX)

Client errors are a range of errors which is intended to be displayed when there is an error from the client-side. It includes an entity explaining the error which is displayed.

To know the range of the client errors please click here.

Server error (5XX)

These errors are displayed when the server throws an exception to a valid client request. An error is from the server-side.To know the range of these errors please click here.


Javascript error

There are 2 types of javascript error

  • Syntax error - When a script of a webpage fails to execute properly or the coding has a missing character or typo. 

  • Runtime error - Occurs when the script is unable to complete its instructions; for example, if a specified object cannot be found.

Once you have configured a session replay experiment and are actively running, You can find the error-tag filter inside the session replay experiment and locate it under the segmenting options panel.

You can choose a specific error-tag or multi-select a few to isolate the sessions you would like to view.

For example, say the ‘client error (4XX)’  is selected and one of the sessions is being viewed.

From the session replay toolbar, you will find the ‘caution’ symbol which helps you with the details of the errors that occurred during the session.

Click on the 'warning' symbol and a console shall open, displaying the details of the client error a visitor would face.