Heatmap experiments are activated once the tracking code snippet loads. However, marketers can configure heatmap experiments to get activated only when a particular event happens or when a condition is met. 

To set this up,

  1. On your left panel, click the MARKETING AUTOMATION  button and select  Heatmaps.

  2. Click  to start a new experiment 


  1. Click open an existing experiment and click .

  2. In the URL tab of the heatmap experiment page, click the dropdown under Experiment URL, and select Custom Trigger from the list of available options.

  3. Enter the domain URL next to the drop-down box. The web application will then generate a javascript code with a unique identifier. 

  4. Copy the code and paste it into your site’s code at the point from where the experiment needs to be activated.

  5. Now, click the button. The custom triggered heatmap experiment will be created and the reports will be generated once your website visitors are tracked.

NOTE: Before launching the experiment, please ensure that the CRM Tracking Code has been integrated into the website (and the page) in which you want to run the custom triggered heatmap experiment