We are excited to introduce the launch of our new Freshworks Customer Service Suite — an all-in-one, AI-first, omnichannel solution. This Suite combines conversational support and ticketing capabilities, powered by generative AI, to deliver outstanding customer and agent experiences.

If you are a Freshdesk Omnichannel customer and want to learn more and experience the new Freshworks Customer Service Suite, please write to support@freshdesk.com.

We understand that managing your team’s performance is now more difficult than ever before. It’s easy to lose track of what matters when everyone is stretched between the “new normal” of working from anywhere and an increasing number of support inflows via multiple channels.

With Omnichannel Team Dashboards, we help teams regain focus and ensure that everyone is on the same page - across all support channels. Design a customized dashboard and pick the Omnichannel KPIs that matter to your team.

You can choose from a variety of widgets covering your emails, phone calls and chats. Workload, performance and availability of team members across channels are all visible at a glance. 

How to create customized team dashboards:

Here is how to get started: 

  • Head to the dashboard tab and click on the icon next to ‘My dashboard’, then select ‘New Team Dashboard’
  • Choose whom to share the dashboard with
  • Add widgets from the Widget Library. You now have the option to select the source of the widget data: 
    • Tickets
    • Chat
    • Phone
  • Once you’ve chosen the source, the next step is to choose the type of widget. There are three different types of widgets available for different sources,
    • Real-time counts of tickets and chats based on views
    • Trends and distributions of recent chats/calls/ticket
    • Agent availability

Ticket widgets:

  • Live widgets such as ticket counts and ticket distribution. These are based on your configured ticket views
  • Team performance and trends widgets such as CSAT, leaderboard, ticket trends, time trends, and SLA trends

Chat widgets: 

  • Live widgets such as chat count (based on shared chat views), team inbox, and agent availability
  • Team performance and trends such as CSAT, time trends and chat trends

Phone widgets:

  • Live widget for agent availability
  • Team performance and trends such as SLA targets, call trends and time trends


  • Features like preview mode and announcements, that are available in the standalone team dashboards, will be available for Omnichannel team dashboards as well.
  • There will be a new header above each widget that indicates the source (channel) of the data
  • We have also made some UI improvements to these widgets: The existing widgets will have a bit more whitespace than new widgets. By deleting and re-adding these widgets, the design can be updated.

  • In edit mode, Scorecards have been renamed to counts (e.g. Ticket Count) and bar charts have been renamed to distribution (e.g. Ticket Distribution)
  • Agents can only generate widgets for channels they have access to. If an agent does not have access to a channel they can move the widgets around but not change the filters of the widget or see its data.