How to share reports

Users can share reports with internal teams using the share option and also configure access. To share a report, 

  1. On the reports list page, click the report you wish to share. This opens the Reports Builder page.

  2. Click on the Share () icon associated with a report.

  3. You can choose the extent of changes a user can make on the report. Select from “Can View, Can Edit, Can Manage” to grant users permission for that report.

  4. You can choose to share the report with Users, Teams, or Territories.

  1. If you choose a Team or Territory, the report is shared with all users belonging to the team/territory that is configured in the CRM.

If you wish to change a specific user's access, you can return to the same screen and edit the access level to upgrade/downgrade them. 

Types of access in report sharing

Every individual Report will have four types of Report-level access permissions

Report-level access permissions

Actions possible

Can view reports

Can edit reports

Can share reports with others

Can change report permissions for others or downgrade










Yes. For everyone except manager





Yes. For everyone except owner





Yes. For everyone including self

View shared reports

You can see the reports other users shared with you in the “Shared reports” section on the Reports landing page. You can sort reports in ascending or descending order based on Name, Created by, Created date, Last modified by, or Last modified date.

To view the reports you shared with other users, switch to the “Owned reports” view. Here, you can view the list of reports along with the dates when changes were made to the report.


How to revoke user access? 

To revoke access to a report, you can choose to 

  1. Revoke access for a user: In the share section, you can manually remove a user from the dropdown next to their name and choose “Remove User”

  1. Revoke access to all users: The Private toggle is disabled when a report is shared with users. You can enable this toggle to revoke access to all users in one go. The permissions option for each user will be grayed out with the Private toggle enabled.

How to transfer ownership of reports to another user?

You can transfer ownership of a report you created to another user. To transfer ownership, this user must have access to the report.

Every report and widget inside analytics will have a unique link that you can use to share. There are separate URLs for:

1. All reports/ Home Page

2. Selected reports view (Curated/My reports/Shared reports filtered in the All reports page)

3. Report Page:

  1. URL for the first report

  2. URL for specific pages within the report

4. Widget page - URL for selected widget within a report

5. Search Results - URL for results that you obtain after a search

6. Settings Page

  1. Schedules

  1. Data Exports

  1. Custom Attributes