Any type of interaction between a sales person and a prospect is a sales activity. Such an activity might propel the sales process, helping the sales rep get closer to winning a deal.

For example, 
a skype calla dinner meetup, or even a coffee meeting.


Generally, such sales activities vary based on your business type and sales process. That’s why in the web application, you can add custom activities in addition to the default ones that we provide.


Different types of default activities in the web application:

  • Emails

  • Phone

  • Tasks

  • Appointments

  • Chat

  • SMS

Note: Default activities cannot be customized

If your business involves other activities, you can add them too (custom activities). For example, as a sales rep, your interaction with prospects might involve, meeting over lunch or discussing over skype calls, etc. Skype

You can add and use these custom activities to give you the flexibility of using the web application to suit your sales process best.

Note: Custom sales activities is available from the Pro plan for Freshsales and Freshsales Suite

Who can configure the different types of sales activity?

Only the Admin of an account can configure a new custom activity.


How to add custom sales activity types? 

  1. Login as an Admin.

  2. Go to Admin settings > Deals & Pipelines and click on Sales activities. This opens a page dedicated to sales activities. It consists of a list of both default and custom activities.

  3. To add a new activity type click the Create Activity button. This brings up the Create Sales Activity overlay.

  1. Fill in details related to the new custom Sales Activity.

    1. Give the activity a name (ex: skype call, lunch, etc)

    2. Pick an icon to signify this activity. The same icon appears across the product for the corresponding activity. Ex: Under Activity timeline or New icon. So ensure you choose a relevant icon that helps your team easily identify the activity.

    3. Signify the outcome choices for your activity type (by default, three outcomes are pre-filled: positive, neutral, and ongoing).
      Each activity may have a different set of outcomes too. You can edit these or add new outcomes depending on the activity type. 

  2. Click This creates a new activity type.


Now your team can use this activity type to log their interactions with prospects and keep track of their activities.


Can the same icon be used for multiple activity types?

Yes. You may use a given icon to indicate more than one custom sales activity type. 

 You can also use the same icons to represent both default and custom activities.

How to edit a custom activity type? What happens as a result?

  1. Go to Admin settings > Deals & Pipelines and click on Sales activities. Click the activity type that you want to edit. This brings up an edit overlay.

  2. Make changes to the activity typeicon, and the outcome choices.

  3. Click to apply the changes.

Existing, as well as new records of the edited activity type, will reflect the changes.  


What happens when you delete a sales activity type?

You can’t add any new records of the deleted activity type. The previous records of this type can still be viewed under Recent conversations in the record details page. You can edit it and reuse it as a different activity type. 

How many types of custom activities can you configure?

You may configure a maximum of 50 custom activities in total.