We are excited to introduce the launch of our new Freshworks Customer Service Suite — an all-in-one, AI-first, omnichannel solution. This Suite combines conversational support and ticketing capabilities, powered by generative AI, to deliver outstanding customer and agent experiences.

If you are a Freshdesk Omnichannel customer and want to learn more and experience the new Freshworks Customer Service Suite, please write to support@freshdesk.com.

Omnichannel Holidays are dates within your Business Hours that your team is not working on. This includes dates like Public and Regional holidays like Independence Day, Good Friday, Diwali, and Eid.

If you are on the omnichannel plan, the Holidays you set up in Freshdesk will also automatically apply to your phone and chat agents.

To set up Holidays:

  • Go to the Admin > Team > Business Hours.

  • Select the Business Hours you want to add Holidays to.

  • Click on the Holidays tab.

  • You will see a list of holidays added (if any) to your Business Hours.

  • To add a new holiday, click on the Add Holidays button on the top right corner.

  • You'll now see two tabs - Exclusive Holidays and Regional Holidays

    • Exclusive Holidays lets you add custom dates that are not present in the Regional Holidays Calendar

    • Regional Holidays are a set of public holidays from your region

  • To add an exclusive holiday, click on the Exclusive holidays tab and enter the date and Name of the holiday

  • If you wish to add another holiday after this, check the Add another box.

  • After you are done, click on the Add button to add the Holiday.

  • To add a set of regional holidays to your list of holidays, click on the Regional holidays tab

  • Select your region from the drop-down

  • All regional holidays from your selected region are now added to your list of holidays