What is Auto-recharge for Freddy sessions?

Auto-recharge of Freddy sessions will automatically add sessions to your chatbot account when the number of remaining sessions goes below a threshold of 500 sessions. Enable this setting to prevent your chatbots from stopping. 

Managing Auto-recharge:

To ensure uninterrupted support by your bots, we recommend you to keep the auto-recharge setting enabled. The default auto-recharge volume is one pack (1 pack = 1000 Freddy sessions). 

You can add or remove packs or disable the setting based on your requirement. 

  • Login to your Freshdesk account as an Account Administrator

  • Go to Admin > Account > Plans & Billing

  • Click on ‘Edit billing’

  • Scroll down to add or remove packs against ‘Auto-recharge’ - this field will show up only when the setting is enabled

  • You can select/deselect the checkbox if you wish to enable/disable the setting

  • Don’t forget to click on ‘Update plan’ to save the changes once you're done