1. What all Freddy features consume sessions?
    - Email Bot

    - Freddy Answers & Custom Flows

    - Freddy Self-service (chatbots)

  2. What is the minimum pack volume for every billing cycle?
    Monthly: $100 for 1000 sessions
    Quarterly: $300 for 3000 sessions
    Half-yearly: $600 for 6000 sessions
    Yearly: $1200 for 12000 sessions

    Please also note that these sessions expire every billing cycle.

  3. When do my sessions expire?
    Your Freddy sessions expire at the end of the chosen billing cycle. Any unused sessions will not be carried over to the next billing cycle.
    For example, if you’re on the quarterly billing cycle and make use of 2000 out of 3000 sessions in that quarter, the remaining 1000 sessions will not be carried over to the next quarter.

  4. What are 'additional' session packs? 

    Additional session packs are packs that you need to buy over and above the included sessions in your plan depending on your projected usage for the billing cycle.

  5. How to purchase additional packs?
    You can increase or decrease Freddy packs based on your usage or support volume. If you’re purchasing additional packs, they will be added instantly for you to use. Note that these additional packs will be valid only for the current billing cycle.

  6. What is the expiry for additional session packs? 

    Additional session packs expire every billing cycle. They are not prorated and do not depend on when you add them. Once added, they will continue to get added for every subsequent billing cycle. You need to explicitly reduce the additional session packs to avoid it from getting added in the subsequent billing cycles.

  7. Can I reduce the number of Freddy packs I’ve purchased?
    Yes, you can. However, this change will come into effect only after the current billing cycle.

  8. Is there any limitation on how I can use my Freddy sessions within the billing cycle?
    No, there isn’t. If you’re on the quarterly billing cycle, your pack of 3000 sessions can be used flexibly across the quarter.
    For example, you can make use of 2000 sessions in month 1, and the remaining 1000 for month 2 & 3. 

  9. How many sessions do I have left?
    You can keep track of the Freddy sessions consumed and the remaining sessions under Admin > Account > Plans & Billing inside your Freshdesk account:

  10. Can I buy Freddy sessions without buying Freddy Self-service or Freddy Ultimate add ons? 

    If you are on the Forest plan, you will have certain Freddy features like 'Email Bot', and 'Answers & flows' included as part of Freddy Starter. So, you can buy additional Freddy session packs depending on your usage of sessions for these Freddy features included in the Forest plan.

  11. What if I buy the Freddy Self-service addon in between the billing cycle?

    You will pay for the prorated amount for the addon and also get a prorated number of sessions for the addon.

    For example: If you’re on the monthly billing cycle and add Freddy Self-service in the middle of the month, then you pay $50 and get 500 sessions.