With Team Inbox, you can enable users to set up and use a common inbox for sales, support or marketing queries. This is useful when companies have a generic email address like "contact@yourcompany.com" or "sales@company.xyz." 

This inbox can be accessed by all the web application users in your organization so they can respond to sales queries. The web application automatically creates contacts from queries sent to this inbox and associates the email to the contact. The email is also captured as a conversation under the contact.

To set up the Team Inbox,

  1. Setup Auto-forwarding in your mailbox.

For example, if you are a Gmail user, you can choose to forward all of your new messages to another email address. Click here to know how to automatically forward Gmail messages 

  1. Go to Admin Settings > Channels > Email > Team Inbox

  2. Add your sales email addresses to the Team Inbox.

  1. Click Verify.  This triggers a verification link that will be sent to your account. This is essential to validate that customers truly own the email address they are using to send emails. Thereby it enhances the credibility and trustworthiness of the email's origin. If it is not verified, you will not be able to send emails from that specific email address within your CRM account. Additionally, auto-creation of contacts based on incoming emails will not occur.  

  2. Click the link to complete verification. The email will now be verified and carries a tick sign beside it confirming the successful sync of the sales email address with the Team Inbox.

  1. Click the Manage Users button to give access to all the users in the organization, or specific users or teams, or territories.

You can filter and view emails related to the inboxes created from SALES CONVERSATIONS > Inbox > Team Inbox

Features of Team Inbox:

  1. Users with access to the team inbox can:

    1. Send emails using the team inbox email ID as From or Reply To.

    2. View conversations related to the team inbox.

  2. Team email ID is accessible in From and Reply To only after it’s verified.

  3. Email conversations of accessible team inboxes are visible under the contact/account/deal landing pages and under SALES CONVERSATIONS > Inbox > Team Inbox.

  4. Filters displayed under team inboxes are restricted to accessible team inboxes.

  1. When a conversation consists of multiple team inboxes, it will be accessible to a user who has access to at least one of the team inboxes.

  2. Deactivated users will be removed from team inboxes automatically.

  3. When a team inbox is deleted, the existing team emails will be visible only to the users who were able to access the team inbox prior to deletion.

  4. When you downgrade to the Free plan, team inboxes will be removed. However, on upgrade, previously configured team inbox settings will be available.

  5. The email step of a sales sequence or workflow will not be executed and will be skipped when an inaccessible team inbox ID is used as the From email address.

  6. Visibility of team emails will be based on team inbox accessibility irrespective of private emails check.

  7. By default, when a team inbox is created, it will be accessible for every user.

  8. Under SALES CONVERSATIONS > Inbox > Team Inbox, the user or the accessible team inbox should be one of the recipients of the email in order for the current user to view the conversation.

Note: If auto-forwarding is not setup on the email address, then incoming emails will not be synced to Team Inbox.

In-app notifications

Users receive In-app notifications for emails received under the Team Inbox.

  • All users of a team inbox will receive an in-app notification for team emails.

  • This notification will not be pushed for restricted users.

  • This notification will be available as a setting under User settings -> Notifications

  • On enabling the in-app notification, the current user will receive the notification for all team inbox emails they have been granted access to.