When you have multiple email addresses, synced with your account, you can choose to send emails from any one of the email addresses and have your customers reply to a completely different address too. Say you have a contact us email address like hello@widgetz.io listed on your website. When your customers send an email to this address, that email might be assigned to a sales rep say, Rebecca. Since Rebecca is responding to the email, she might want the customer to reply to her email address which is rebecca@widgetz.io instead of hello@widgetz.io. She can simply change the Reply-to address from hello@widgetz.io to rebecca@widgetz.io and follow the email thread from her Inbox


You can set a default From and Reply-to address and also change them in the email compose window if need be. 


To change the From and Reply-To address,

  1. Click the Profile icon and select Settings.
  2. Under the Email Settings tab,
  1. Click the From email drop-down and choose an email address from the list. This would be your default From address which is pre-filled in the email compose window.

  2. Click the Reply-to email drop-down and choose an email address from the list. This would be your default Reply-to address which is pre-filled in the email compose window.

  1. Click Save.

You can always change the default From and Reply-to address in the email compose window by clicking the drop-down and selecting a different email address from the list.

The email addresses listed in the From and Reply-To drop-down include,
    - The registered email address of the user (login email)
    - The email address connected to the product via IMAP
    - The email addresss setup for auto-forwarding
    - Team inbox email addresses that are setup
    - Your account email address and the user email address (both of which are provided by the product)
You cannot change the 'From' address when you are sending emails from the product using your email provider's SMTP. It is restricted to your email address connected via IMAP/SMTP.
If you would like to use the email addresses added in the Team Inbox, ensure to switch to Freshsales SMTP and refer this for further information.


The existing myfreshworks.com domain will be changing to the below mentioned domains based on regions. 

New Domain 

We will be supporting the older domain for 3 months before completely migrating. Until then, you will still receive emails from your customers, if they reply to the old domain. However, sending emails using the old domain will not be supported.