The web application supports integration with Slack to enable collaboration on deals. With the Slack integration, users can create private channels on Slack to collaborate on individual deals.

To collaborate on a deal, ensure that your web application's account has been successfully linked with Slack. Refer this article to connect the apps.


Initiating a conversation on the deal landing page
Users can initiate collaboration on a deal from within the landing page of a deal. To initiate a Slack conversation,

  1. Click the Start conversation button. This opens a Slack private channel inside your landing page. The private channel follows the Slack naming convention while creating the name of the private channel i.e. no caps, no special characters, and spaces replaced with a hyphen.
    For example, if your deal name is “Acme Platinum 500 agents”, then the Slack channel would be named “acme-platinum-500-agents”

  2. To invite members to a conversation, simply ‘@’ the name of the user and select from the suggestions thrown up. You can add as many users as you need.

    Only users that are already a part of your organization’s Slack workspace can be invited to a conversation. 
    The name of the private channel is editable and can be modified on Slack. However, this name change will not apply to the Deal name within the web application.

  1. After selecting the user who you’d like to add to the conversation, type up the rest of the text and press  Enter. This sends the text and also notifies the invitees on Slack about their addition to a Slack channel and details about the deal.

Slack captures and send the following updates to a deal conversations channel by default

  • Deal stage changed

  • Deal Won

  • Deal assigned to another user

  • Freddy deal insights

Users who have been added to deal-related channels on Slack can take part in the conversation from within Slack. They can add more collaborators to the conversations, respond in the threads, and attach files.

However, access to deal-related data depends on the user’s scope and permissions in the web application. 

  • Users who are part of the web application but do not have access to a deal will not be able to access the landing page of the deal on the web application. When they click a hyperlink, they will be redirected to an access-denied page.

  • Users who are not part of the web application will not be able to access any section of the web application. Whenever they click a hyperlink, they will be taken to the login page of the web application.

Receiving notifications

Slack sends notifications to users in the web application whenever there is any activity in the group. This also includes @mentions of the user. All these notifications can be accessed by clicking the notifications icon in the web application.  

Adding notes to Slack channel

The web application gives you the option to post your notes in the respective deal channel on Slack and add your teammates to work on action items relevant to them. This is a one-way sync from the web application notes section to the respective Slack channel.

How to create and post notes to Slack from the web application?

To post your notes on Slack,

  1. In the notes section, type in the message and use the @ symbol to specify the intended users of the associated Slack channel.

You can mention @all to specify all the users in the Slack channel.
  1. Click the Save and post to Slack button.

  1. Click Post in the confirmation box that contains the name of the Slack channel to which this message will be sent. 

  1. Click the View in Slack button to switch from the notes view to the Slack view in the web application

How to post an existing note to Slack?

To post an existing note to Slack,

  1. Hover on the note that you want to post.

  2. Click the Post to Slack option.

  1. You can also edit the note using the pencil icon, mention the users, and post it on Slack.

Messages that have users mentioned but are only saved will not be posted on Slack.

How to continue conversations on a posted note?

  1. In the Notes section, click on View in Slack button.

  2. Click Reply in thread on a message that you want to start a thread on.

Why won’t my notes get posted on Slack?

The following are some of the reasons why you may not be able to post your notes on Slack:

  1. When the deal is not mapped to an active channel

Ensure that the deal that you are working on is mapped to an active Slack channel. If not, you will receive an error.

  1. Slack channel is archived

If your slack channel is archived, you will not be able to post messages from the web application.

  1. User has not connected CRM to Slack

If the user you have added has not integrated the web application with Slack, they will not be visible when you try to add them in the notes section.

  1. Mentioned Users are saved but not posted

If you have clicked on Save instead of Save and post to Slack, the mentioned users will not be notified.