Admins can create, edit, and publish internal announcements like organization news, updates, etc., for users in the web application.

How to create an announcement?

  1. Go to Admin Settings > Account Settings > Announcements

  1. On the Announcements page, click Add Announcement

  1. In the ADD ANNOUNCEMENT overlay, enter the title and description of your announcement

  1. Click Save and publish


  1. Save the announcement and publish it later by clicking on Save Draft.

  2. You can create any number of drafts but publish only one announcement.


  1. In the pop-up that appears, click Proceed

The published announcement will appear on the top bar across pages

Users can click the banner to view the details of the announcement

How to edit an announcement?

  1. On the Announcements page, click the pencil icon to open up the EDIT ANNOUNCEMENT overlay

  1. Make the required changes to the announcement and click Save and publish

How to unpublish an announcement?

  1. On the Announcements page, click the ellipsis icon near the published announcement and click Unpublish

  1. You will receive a success message once the announcement is unpublished. The unpublished announcement wlll be available as a draft

Note: Click Delete if you want the announcement to not be available as a draft and removed from the web application.