Integrating the web application with Slack allows users to engage in conversations related to a particular deal on dedicated Slack private channels. It also empowers users by sending deal-related notifications to Slack channels. Integration can be through either the web applicaion's marketplace or Slack marketplace. Only the web application's admin can connect a web application's account with a Slack account.

After the admin connects the apps, non-admin users can add the web application app to their Slack account by providing their API key.

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Integration via the web application

  1. In your web application's account, from the left navigation bar, click on Admin Settings > Apps & Integrations > Marketplace Apps
  2. Search for ‘Slack’, select the app and click ‘Visit site to install’
    1. If the user is not logged into Slack they will be prompted to login to Slack          
    2. If the user is already logged into Slack, a dialog box opens requesting for 

            permission to access the Slack workspace.

3. Review the permissions and click Allow to grant access to Slack.You will be taken to your Slack account where you will be asked to connect your web application's account to Slack. (Only the web application's admin will be able to connect both the apps for the very first time)

Click Settings

  4.a For Admins

A dialog box where you can enter your web application's domain and API key is displayed. The API key

should be from the admin's account. Else, Slack will throw an error message indicating the same.

Obtain your API key under Personal Settings > API settings on the web application.

              Enter the values and click Connect.

Completing this step successfully takes you back to the web application's app page where you can find the confirmation of your connection and the name of the account to which your Slack workspace is connected.

This completes the integration between the web application and Slack. The Slack icon will now be visible under the integrations section on all the deal detail pages for eligible


4b. For Non-admin users:
Click connect in Slack to display the dialog box where you can find the domain name of your web application's account. Enter the API key and click Connect.

A non-admin user will be able to connect their account to Slack only after the Admin has completed the integration.

Integration via Slack

  1. On your Slack account, search for the web application in the Apps section.
  2. Click on the web application. This opens the web application's page on Slack. 

  1. Click Settings and click Open in Slack. This brings up the page where you are requested to authorize Slack integration

  2. Refer to the step 3 of the previous section - Integrating via the web application -  and follow step by step instructions to complete the integration. 

Configuring permissions for slack access in the web application

Access to the Slack collaboration functionality in the web application is governed by Roles and Permissions. This is a feature that is enabled by default for all roles. To restrict access to this functionality, admins can deselect this permission for a role. This way, all users belonging to the role will be restricted from gaining access to Slack conversations on deal detail pages.

Receiving Notifications

Users receive notifications within the web application whenever there are new messages in the Slack channels mapped to the deals they have access to. This also includes @mentions of the user. Users can configure their notification preferences under Personal Settings >Notifications. They can select the checkboxes to start receiving notifications.

Here’s how users receive notifications: