When you have an email address that receives a high volume of emails from prospects whom you'd like to add as contacts in your web application, email forwarding does the job for you. By simply auto-forwarding all the emails that get sent to your email address (such as a contact us address or a sales address) to your web application's email address (sales@yourcompanyname.myfreshworks.com), you can have the senders of the emails added as contacts and also have their emails associated with their records in the web application. 

Here's how you do it,

  1. Login to the web application as an Administrator.

  2. Go to Admin Settings > Channels > Email > Create contacts from email

  3. In the Create contacts from email  page, you can find your web application's email address. Click Copy to copy this address to your clipboard.

  4. Next, log in to your email account. Below are the steps for auto-forwarding emails from Gmail


  1. Login to your Gmail account.

  2. Click the Settings dropdown and choose Settings.

  3. Click the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab.

  4. Click the Add a forwarding address button. In the popup that appears, paste your copied web application's email address.

  5. Click Next to continue. You'll be asked to confirm the forwarding email.

  6. Click Proceed to confirm the email forwarding.

This confirms verification and will initiate the forwarding of email to your web application.

Ensure that the radio button next to 'Forward a copy of incoming mail to' is enabled and the setting is saved.

Impact of change of organization URL on the sales email address

Freshsales allows you to configure a custom URL for your organization. Since your sales email address points to your domain, the change in the domain URL will impact your sales email address. Here's how: 

  • Scenario 1: CNAME change
    For example, if your organization's default URL is acmey.myfreshworks.com and you customize your URL to organization.acmey.com, then your default sales email address will not change. It will remain sales@acmey.myfreshworks.com

  • Scenario 2: Domain change
    For example, if your organization's default URL is acmey.myfreshworks.com and you customize your URL to acmey2.myfreshworks.com, then your default sales email address will change. It will change from sales@acmey.myfreshworks.com to sales@acmey2.myfreshworks.com..

    The Freshsales account will still point the email to the secondary domain which was the previous domain—ending with myfreshworks.com or freshworks.com.