What is a Custom URL?
When you sign-up for Freshsales, an Organization URL is autogenerated for your Organization based on the signup data and our proprietary domain generation algorithm. 

It follows this pattern: yourcompany.myfreshworks.com

If you would like to edit the first half (yourcompany) portion, i.e the domain name, read more here

On the other hand, you can also set up a custom URL, i.e yoursubdomain.yourcompany.com or yourcompany.com. 

How to create a Custom URL?

If you are the Organization Admin of the Organization, you can change the Custom URL. Here’s how:

  1. Log in using your Organization URL or click on 'Manage your organization' link in the switcher pane.

  2. Go to the home page of the Admin Center and click the 'Edit Organization Information' button.
  3. Click on the 'Change Custom URL' link if you would like to change this to suit your branding or organization guidelines. 

  4. Once you click on the link, a modal pop-up will appear.

  5. Enter your Custom URL.

  6. Create a DNS CName certificate record. You will have to process this step from your DNS Zone file.

  7. Verify the same here.
  8. On verification, the SSL certificate will be created for the Custom URL
    Note: Generating the certificate could take some time
  9. Confirm your change. 
    Once confirmed, your new URL is generated and ready to use. 

  10. You will have to communicate with all users to log in with the updated URL and re-authenticate themselves to continue their sessions.

1. Once created, the Custom Name URL can only be changed again by the Org admin through the Neo Admin center.
2. Before generating the DNS record, you can either update or cancel the request if you wish to


Note: If you have configured a custom SSO policy in the security section already, you will have to modify the security configuration at your IdP to reflect the new custom URL. Unless you do this, your SSO Configuration is not considered complete and you won't be able to log in to your Freshworks account.

Impact of change of organization URL on the sales email address

Freshsales allows you to configure a custom URL for your organization. However, this change in the domain URL will be reflected differently under two different scenarios. 

  • Scenario 1: CNAME change
    For example, if your organization's default URL is acmey.myfreshworks.com and you customize your URL to organization.acmey.com, then your default sales email address will not change. It will remain sales@acmey.myfreshworks.com.

    The Freshsales account will still point the email to the secondary domain, which was the previous domain—ending with myfreshworks.com or freshworks.com.

  • Scenario 2: Domain change
    For example, if your organization's default URL is acmey.myfreshworks.com and you customize your URL to acmey2.myfreshworks.com, then your default sales email address will change. It will change from sales@acmey.myfreshworks.com to sales@acmey2.myfreshworks.com.