When your business has customers across geographies, representation of currency or selling volume (i.e number of units sold) in the right number format improves readability and reduces confusion. To aid this, your web application supports popular number formats that are followed in major parts of the world. Periods and commas can be used to separate decimal points. All custom fields of the type ‘number’ can be formatted.


The following formats are supported:




Used in North America, the UK, Southeast Asia, China, Japan, and Australia.


Used in South America and some European countries


Used in India and Bangladesh

9 999 999 999,99

Used in most European countries

How to format a number field? 

  1. Go to Admin settings , navigate to Leads, Contacts & Accounts and click Contact/Accounts. For Deals, navigate to Deals & Pipelines > Deals.

  2. Click . In the ADD FIELD overlay that opens up, choose Number and click .

  3. In the ADD FIELD overlay that appears, type the name of the desired custom field

  4. Type in the desired Field label

  5. Retain the value as Number under Field type

  6. Under Number format you can choose from four different types of number formats:

  7. Click

Where does the number format reflect in the web application?

  1. Record detail page

  2. List pages

  3. In the forms, while adding/editing records

  4. Emails (using placeholders) and email templates

  5. Built-in reports

  • The input values can have 11 digits before the decimal mark and 4 digits after the decimal mark
  • Formatting is not supported in filters and in web forms