Lookup fields allow users to create relationships between different modules and enable users to display related lists of a record. To learn more about creating and displaying lookup fields on your record detail page, refer to this article.

Using lookup fields

To know more about how a lookup field can be used to derive context, let us consider an example.

If your admin has created a contact field lookup ‘Primary Decision Maker’ on a Deal, you can find it on your Deal detail page. This field is linked to the contact and brings all data from the Contact into your deal detail page.

Note: Configuring a related module into your record detail page requires Admin Access. Please reach out to your Account Admin to add or remove a related module from the detail page.

Customizing the layout of the related module (Access to Admins & Users)

You can customize the layout of the related module (contact/account/deal) to bring relevant information into columns.

- To Add/Remove columns from the record on display:

  1. Click the button. 

  2. Click the checkbox to make a field visible. You can add a total of 5 fields including the mandatory name field to the related field.

  3. Click 

Adding new records to the module

You can add new records to the module from within the detail page. For example, if your deal detail page has a related contacts module, you can add new contacts related to the deal from within the detail page. To add a new lead, click the button to create a new contact.