Deleting a record allows you to remove it from the system. However, the record stays on the system for a period of 90 days before being completely removed from the web application. 


1. Click the  button. This brings up a dialog box that requests you to confirm the deletion of the feature.

2. Type 4701 to provide confirmation and click .

You can also make use of this API to bulk delete your custom module data.

Forgetting a record:

In compliance with GDPR, the web application incorporates an option where users can opt to forget a record from their system. Forgetting the record from the system will ensure that an entity’s “Right to be forgotten” can be executed effectively. 

In this case, let us examine how to ‘forget’ a custom module record:

Note: The action of forgetting an entity is irreversible and the data cannot be recovered later. Hence, it is important to exercise caution before carrying out this activity.


  1. Click the  icon on a record. 

  2. Click  Forget. This brings up a dialog box that requests you to remove the record from the web application permanently.

  3. Click to provide confirmation.