Note: This feature will work only when email forwarding is enabled in your email account.

The auto-create feature allows you to create a contact every time you send an email from the web application to a new email ID that is not an existing contact in the web application.


How does this work?

The auto-create contact option works only under one of the following circumstances:

  • When a new email address is part of the To/Cc/Bcc address in an incoming/ outgoing email.

  • When a new email address is added as an attendee to a meeting.

When should I enable this option?

The auto-create feature is particularly useful when emails are sent to a group of emails among which a few are existing contacts while others are not.

For example, if you are enquiring about the possibility of a sale by reaching out to the Head of the IT department of a firm. Whenever a new stakeholder, for example, the head of sales, is added to the email thread through Cc, a new contact will be created. This will make it easy to track and follow-up with multiple prospects.  

When should I uncheck this option?

It is advisable to deactivate the auto-create feature when your email contains a large number of recipients who are not your contacts.

For example, if you are reaching out to a contact and the email thread consists of several other email addresses such as consultants or suppliers in the Cc section. In this case, having the auto-create feature activated would lead to a number of junk/inconsequential contacts getting created. It is advisable to deactivate the feature when a large number of new email addresses are involved.

How to enable/disable this feature?

  1. Click Profile icon > Settings. This opens up the Email Settings tab under Personal Settings.
  2. Under Email Tracking, enable or disable Auto-create Contacts from emails.
Note: Users can also add emails under the excluded emails section in admin settings. Any contact with the excluded domain will not be created even if the auto-create setting is enabled.