You can include web links and files as attachments in the emails (Individual, Bulk, Sales Sequence and Workflows) that you send. You can also track and check if the links in the emails that you send have been clicked, by whom, and also the number of times they have been clicked.

To include links or attachments to an email,

  1. Open the New Mail overlay by clicking the Send email button.
  1. To add links, click the Insert Link icon. In the Link popup,

    1. Enter the URL of the link.

    2. Enter the text that should be displayed in the email.

    3. Click Insert.

Note: You can hover over the hyperlinked text to unlink or edit.
  1. To add attachments, click the Add Attachmenticon. A modal opens where you can upload attachments. 

    When the user sends an email for a contact or a deal, attachments will list:

    1. Related files - Lists the documents associated to the record under the files section in the landing page. When you are on a deal landing page, related files will list all files associated to the deal and its related contacts 
    2. My Files - Lists the files the current user has uploaded (can be associated to any record).
    3. New file is to upload a new file (This file will not be associated to the record).
  2. Click Send.
    1) Browse through the files on your device and select a file to attach to your email.
    2) You can add as many files as you like as long as they don’t exceed 15MB.
    3) You can also sort the attachments by the created date or in ascending or descending order.

To track the links on your email,

  1. Click the profile icon > Settings > Email Settings.
  2. Under the Email Settings tab, select the Track opens and click checkbox 
  3. To know if the links have been clicked, go to Conversations > Email > Email Tracking > Clicks. You will find a list of all the emails that have been clicked by the recipients from the tag clicked on them.
  4. You can hover on the tag to know the date, time and the email address of the recipient who clicked the link(s) in the email. 
  5. Alternatively, you can visit the details page of a contact and find the emails with links that have been clicked under Recent Conversations and under Recent Activities.
Note: Email tracking is available from the Growth plan

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