Tracking emails help you determine the engagement level of your customers and prospects with your company, and to identify the ones who are most interested in what you are selling. 

You will know if the emails you sent have been read, links in the emails have been clicked and also if and when emails get bounced. 

When you enable tracking, the emails are tracked and labeled as follows,

  1. Opened - Emails that have been read.
  2. Clicked - Links in the email that have been clicked.
  3. Bounced - Emails that were not delivered. 

To enable email tracking, 

  1. Click the Profile icon > Settings. The Profile Settings page appears. 
  2. Under the Email Settings tab, select the Track opens and clicks checkbox.
  3. Click Save.

Once the above checkbox is enabled, the emails sent are automatically tracked. You can find the emails along with their status in the Conversations tab and under Email Tracking. To know more details about the status of the emails, hover on the tag. 

You can enable or disable email tracking from the email compose window.

How to create a report for tracking my sales emails?

To create analytics for any email, you will need the email to have a unique subject. With this, you can navigate to Analytics > Add the metric "Sales emails". With Subject and Sent at, you'd be able to get your email tracking metrics.

Why are my emails marked as open immediately after I send them?

When you send a marketing email, or a tracked sales email, an invisible one-pixel image called a beacon is embedded into the email message once it is sent. 

When your recipient views the email and the images load, you will receive a notification that the email has been opened. This is a possible reason for false email opens. Sometimes, when they have an email scanning software or firewell setup for their emails, that scans this image and hence it is read as an open.