Using the products module, you can bring in the products (hardware or software) or services that you offer into the CRM, associate them with your deals, and set the type of pricing.

For example, let's say you sell vintage commodities like vintage cars, wine, watches, etc. You can add them to your web application, configure the type of pricing (unit or subscription), and associate the products with their respective deals.


How to add products?

  1. Quick Add Button

    1. Click the Quick Add button on the top right corner

    2. Click Add Product

    3. In the product overlay fill the details of the product that you want to add

  1. Add Product Button

To add multiple products, add your products and the associated user or owner in a.CSV/XLSX sheet and import them to the web application

How to filter and search for products?

Use filters and sort options to search and prioritize products. Two views are provided by default– All Products and My Products. You can drill further down and refine these default views or create new ones from scratch. Using the Categories drop-down, you can also choose the type of product that you want to view in case you have multiple types of products.

 To use filters,

  1. From the Products list view page, click the show filters (funnel) icon and click the Add filter button.

  2. Use the search box to select the desired field.

  1. Once the field is added, choose the field’s values that you want to filter by.

For example: If you’d like to use the filter Owner, choose it from the drop-down. An Owner field is added below the search box. Click the owner/s by whom you want to filter.

The list of products changes instantly each time the fields under the filters are modified or added. 

  1. You can add as many filter criteria as you like by clicking the Add filter button.

  2. If you use this filtered view often, you can save it by 

    1. Clicking on the  Save view as button on the bottom

    2. Name your view

    3. Set the visibility

    4. Click Save

To use sort options,

  1. Select a view from the products list view page. Click on the column header by which you want to sort the records.

  2. Each click lets you toggle between ascending and descending order of sorting. 

  3. You can also use filters in combination with the sort options to refine your results.

To discard your filter settings or criteria, click Remove (x icon)  present next to the criterion.

To perform bulk actions on products,

  • Select the necessary products in the list view

  • From the bulk actions tray, click Assign to button to assign multiple products to a select owner or user, or Delete button to delete multiple products and Update field button to update a particular field in bulk.

How to use the product details page?

When you click on a product, you are directed to their details page. On the details page, 

  1. Click on the product in the list view to land on the product details page. You can upload a display picture or image by clicking on the Add button on the image tile.

  2. You can perform an in-line edit to update the product fields on the landing page or click on the Edit button (pencil icon) on the right for the same function. You can also use the search bar to search for a particular field and update the same.

  3. Click on the Add price button near the display picture or under the PRICING section to add the pricing structure for the product.

    1. Pricing can be either one-time or subscription-based for a product and not both.

    2. The price of a product can be added in multiple currencies, that are defined in the account level by the admin. Click here to know more about adding multiple currencies.

    3. For subscription-based pricing setup fees can also be added. For eg. Onboarding fees, installation amount, etc.

    4. Click on the plus icon to the right of the PRICING section to add or edit the pricing type.

  1. You can also add collaterals or files that may need to be associated with the product by clicking on the File icon on the right.

  2. To delete the product, click on the three dots icon on the top right and click Delete

  3. If you have to quickly make use of the product template to make minor changes and add a new product, click on the three dots on the top right and click Clone.

What are the default fields in the product module?

To view the fields in the products module, 

Go to Admin Settings > Deals & Pipelines > Products Catalog. Click Customize Product fields from Settings dropdown. The following are the default fields available in the products module.

Basic Information

  1. Product Name - Name of the product.

  2. Product Category - Categories of the product offered.

  3. SKU Number - Stock keeping unit number.

  4. Active - This field is enabled if the product is being currently sold.

  5. Product Code - Universal product code or common barcode used to identify packaged products.

  6. Owner - User or owner who is assigned to the product.

  7. Valid till - Validity of the product.

  8. Parent Product - Primary product having other subsidiaries.

Note: The fields under this group can be edited.

System information

  1. Created_by - User who added the product in the CRM.

  2. Updated_by - User who updated information about the product.

  3. Created_at - Date at which the product was added in the CRM.

  4. Updated_at - Date at which information about the product was updated.

  5. Base_currency_amount - Default currency set by the admin.

1. The fields under this group cannot be edited.
2. You can also add custom fields of your choice by clicking on the Add field button and choosing a field type of your choice.