Enable multiple users to work on the same deal using Deal Teams. For instance, in a company, a deal is closed in collaboration with multiple users such as account managers, sales representatives, solution engineers, legal advisors, etc. Any sales rep who is part of a deal has the same access as the owner of the deal. Similarly, you can also create teams for contacts, and accounts.

How to set up a deal team?

  1. Go to Admin Settings > CRM Settings > Enable the option Enable teams for contacts, accounts, and deals.

  2. Click Add/Edit titles to define users who would be part of a deal team.

  1. Click Add title to add the designations or titles that you want to add in the deal team.

  1. Click Done

  2. Click Save

How to assign users to a deal?

Deal teams can be assigned both manually and automatically.

Permission to assign deal team

To assign team members, the user should have permission to assign records. This can be configured under Admin Settings > Roles > Actions > Assign records.

Assign users to a deal manually

Once the deal team option is enabled, you will now be able to see the respective deal team section under each module.

Click on Add team members to add existing teams or users to the deal.

Assign users to a deal automatically

You can also automatically add users to the deal using workflows that run based on set conditions.

How to use a deal team?

  • A Deal team gives ownership of the deal to all the deal team members.

  • You can filter the deal teams using the filters in each module.

    • Search for contact team/deal team/account team in the filter

    • Now search using the name of the user in the deal team.