Configure permissions of individual fields and regulate user access to sensitive data.


Why do we need field permissions?

As a company grows and brings onboard more users, there is always a need to regulate access to sensitive fields such as Territory, Owner, etc. While Regional Sales Managers (RSMs), in view of their hierarchy, may need access to edit and modify these fields if necessary, Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) should not have access to modify these records. 

With field-level permissions, admins can make the field editable for some roles while read-only for some roles. If deemed necessary, fields can also be hidden for roles. In this case, users will not be able to view the field on their records. 

How to configure field permissions for roles? 

  1. Go to Admin Settings > Teams & Territories > Roles

  1. Click on an existing role. For example, Sales User

This opens the settings page for the role. 


If you wish to create a new role, refer to this article.

  1. Go to the FIELD PERMISSIONS section and scroll down to the field that you wish to modify.

  2. Select the visibility of your field. You can choose from one of three options:

    1. EDITABLE: Gives the user permission to edit the field value.

    2. READ-ONLY: Gives the user permission to view values added to the field. However, the user cannot edit the field.

    3. HIDDEN: The field is hidden from the user’s view.

Note: To download the data, you will be requested to authenticate using your Freshworks account credentials.

5. Click Save.

1. Required fields cannot be made hidden. And when fields are hidden, they cannot be made required.

2. Controlling and dependent fields: If the controlling field is hidden, the dependent field will also be hidden on the UI even if the role provides edit access to the field.

3. For Marketing and Sales Managers, Sales and Marketing users, and Restricted users, the migration will be disabled if any of the fields are hidden/read-only.