When you raise a request to delete a User, your web application will initiate the process of deleting his/her data from the account and other third-party tools that have the same information.

Impact on user information:


Information that will be deleted

User Personal Data

  • Name

  • Job title 

  • Phone numbers

  • Company

  • Email address

  • Timezone

  • Language preference

  • Last login date

User Data that is not shared with anyone

  • Reports

  • Views

  • Email templates

  • Sales campaign

Reports, views, and email templates that shared with other team members will be retained.

Assigned territories

The user will be removed from all the territories that he/she was assigned to.

If the deleted User was the only member of the territory then the territory will become inactive.

Information that will be retained

Data that will go unassigned

  • Contacts

  • Accounts

  • Deals

Recommendation: Re-assign all the records owned by the user to some other team member using bulk transfer. 

Data that will be reassigned

Any Phone number assigned to the User will be reassigned to All Users.

Core sales-related activities

User’s activities that are associated with a Contact, Account, or a Deal will not be deleted.

  • Meeting

  • Task 

  • Custom sales activity 

  • Notes created by the user

  • Email conversations with Contacts, and Agents

Any email conversation of user that is not associated with a contact will be deleted).

Before deleting a User:

  1. Check all Workflows, Reports, Sales campaigns, and Views, where you may have included “Owner” or “Created By” condition and have the particular User you are deleting in conditions. The User will be removed from these conditions which might affect their functioning of them.

  2. Check Webforms: Whenever a User creates a Webform, and contacts are created by the Webform, the “Created by” information of the newly created contact is assigned to the user who created the webform. If the user who created the webform is deleted, the application will assign the “Created by” tag for all contacts created by the particular web form henceforth to the Account Admin.

It takes up to 30 days to completely delete the data from all the third-party sub-processors and internal platforms.