Organize information (fields) into groups and sub-groups to make it easier for context. For example, before going on a call with a prospect, organize all the information about the contact from the pre-sales team under a group called 'Deal information’.


To add a group,

  1. Go to Admin Settings > Contacts/Accounts/Deals Module.

  2. Click Add group on the right.

  3. In the Add group overlay enter or choose a Group name.

    1. Main group: To create a main group(similar to Basic or Additional information), leave the Nest this group under checkbox empty.

    1. Sub-group: To create a sub-group, choose the group under which it needs to be nested.

  1. Click Save.

1. A maximum of 5 main groups can be created. 
2. If you create a main group, the new group appears below the 'Basic information' group.
3. If it’s a sub-group, it gets listed inside the corresponding main group under which it's nested.
4. You can Reorder and Rename groups (default groups as well)