Contacts are individuals who represent the account you do business with. An account is a company that you share business interests with.


Getting your contacts into the product

  1. The first step is to import the contacts. You can do it automatically using our CRM for web library or manually through import, the Quick Add button, and via phone conversations, and also the chat widget.
  2. When contacts are created with their email addresses, their social profiles and display picture are auto enriched.

Finding your contacts

  1. From the Contacts module, you can choose any one of the tabs and filter them, to see a list of refined contacts. You can also create a tab or view with filters of your choice by going to Contacts > + <number of tabs > Add new view
  2. You can sort contacts by the time when they were Created, UpdatedLast contacted, and more.
  3. To narrow your search results further, add filters of your choice. You can save your search criteria as a custom view to avoid repeated creation of the view. Click Filter by to open the filter overlay.

Bulk Actions

You can send a bulk email, assign the contacts to another user or sales owner, merge multiple contacts, update contact fields in bulk, delete contacts in bulk, send SMS to multiple contacts, add contacts to or remove contacts from sales sequences and add tags to or remove tags from multiple contacts. To perform bulk actions on contacts,

  1. Choose contacts by selecting the checkbox beside their names from the Contacts page. You can also click Bulk Actions to choose up to 100 contacts at once.
  2.  From the bulk actions tray, choose a button to perform the required action on the selected contacts.

Contact details page

A quick glance at the details page of contact gives you all the data you need to tailor your conversation to meet their business requirements. 

  1. When you click on a contact, you are directed to the contact's details page. 
  2. You can find the contact’s picturedeals - along with their lifecycle stage, score, customer fit rating, deal valuerecent conversations, and recent activities. You can also find other details such as Phone numberEmail, Source, Time zone, Owner, and Location of the contact. 
  3. The contact’s marketing-related details such as subscription type and subscription status are also displayed here. Apart from the fields available by default, you can include more custom fields of your choice.
  4. All contact information can be seen when you click the Edit (View and edit all fields) button. 
  5. You can view the contact’s notestasks, and appointments by clicking on the respective icons.


- How to add multiple sales owners to a contact?

Contacts can have only a singular sales owner. If you wish to add multiple people to manage contacts, you can add a custom multiselect field with a list of your other users.

- How to bulk check for duplicates ?

Yes, you can bulk check for duplicate contacts while importing a CSV/XLSX file. The system matches the email, record ID, and phone number fields to identify duplicates. You can choose to skip import for all duplicate records or update all duplicate records with or without overwriting.

In the CRM, to check if a contact has dupicates, you will have to navigate to the contacts landing page and check the duplicates section under the "Freddy AI insights" section and choose to merge them.

- How to bulk convert leads to contacts?

You can create a workflow to change the leads to contact. You can create a custom field and update that field and provide the action as convert lead.

- I noticed that leads generated through our website are not appearing on Freshsales

Your website needs to contain the CRM tracking code for contacts to be created from your webform submissions. You try to add your CRM tracking code so that the contacts are fetched inside the CRM. To do this, navigate to Admin settings > CRM tracking code, copy the code and paste it in your global headers of your website.

- How to add accounts to existing contacts?

To add an account to an exisiting contact, navigate to the contact and find the "Accounts" field. Here you would be able to add multiple accounts to the contact.

- Unable to add a new contact to the CRM, says the contact exists.

Please check the recycle-bin of the contacts module and check if that contact is still a part of your CRM account? If yes, please forget that contact permanently from the bin and try adding your contact again.

- How to add multiple phone numbers to a contact?

If you wish to add more than one mobile number, you can make use of the "Other phone numbers" field in your contact. However, when you make calls, the number stored in the "mobile" field is taken into consideration by default.

- I would like to delete all the views from Freshsales.

You will not by able to delete any default views available. To delete a custom view, you will need to be the creator of the same. Click on the three dots to the right of the views name when you open it, click on delete.

- How to learn the means through which a contact has been added to the CRM?

To find out how contacts have been added to your CRM account.

Please check the "Source" field in the contact's records to identify the source from which the contacts has arrived.

- How to add new statuses to a contact?

To add new stages or statuses to your contacts, navigate to Admin Settings > Contact lifecycle stages. Here you'll be able to add new checkpoints or statuses to mark your contacts lifecycle.