Every marketing campaign usually carries with it a link that redirects recipients to dedicated landing pages. Tracking these clicks and attributing them to customers can offer deeper insights into the effectiveness of the campaign. With link tracking, Freshmarketer enables marketers to choose links of interest that need to be tracked in a campaign or journey email. 

Link tracking can be implemented in Email Campaigns, Journey Emails, and Transactional Emails.

To set up link tracking, 

  1. Go to Campaigns and choose one of the two– Email campaigns or Transactional Emails.

  2. On your campaigns page, click to create a campaign of your choice. Follow these steps to configure the campaign.

  3. In the design page of your campaign, add a link of your choice.

    Click to move to the review section of your campaign.

  4. Click the link tracking toggle . This presents you with a dialog box where you can choose the links that need to be tracked.

    Click to track the specific links. You now observe that the link tracking toggle has been turned on.

  5. Click to send the campaign with the links tracked.

You can view information related to the clicks on the email campaign summary page

Once enabled, anytime a contact clicks a tracked link, the information is captured and is displayed on the activities timeline of the contact.