With Freshmarketer, you can monitor the replies to your email campaigns. You can also use reply tracking to

  • Create Segments

  • Trigger marketing journeys based on email replies - example: trigger autoresponders to send coupon codes to those who have responded to your offer emails.

To configure reply tracking in your bulk campaigns, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Campaigns in the left hand pane. Select Bulk Campaigns, and click on the +Create Email Campaign button

  1. Give your campaign a name.

  1. Under the Configure tab, provide all the necessary details like Campaign Name, Subscription Type, Sender Name and Email Address.

  1. Proceed to enter the ‘Reply-To’ email address. You can also choose to keep the same sender address as the reply-to address by checking the box.

  1. Enable the Reply Tracking toggle. When you enable the toggle, the replies to your campaign will be forwarded to the Reply-To address that you have mentioned in the previous step.

  1. Continue setting up the campaign by specifying the recipients, subject line, preheader, and footer details.

  2. Select the style and design for your emails, plan your content and publish your campaign.

To create segments based on the replies to your email, follow the below steps:

  1. Under contacts, go to Segments, and create a new segment.

  1. Select Email activities as the condition, choose the ‘Replied’ option, specify and choose the campaign and the time period.

  2. Select the Save & Apply button to create your segment.

To configure reply tracking in your marketing journeys,

  1. Click on the Marketing Journeys at the left hand pane and create a new journey.

  1. Set up the trigger and action. For reference, we have used the ‘Added to List’ trigger and ‘Send Email’ action.

  1. The reply tracking toggle will be available at the send email blocks in your journey. You will be able to enable/disable the ‘Reply Tracking’ toggle even when the journey is active. The tracking will be active/inactive only for the contacts that enter the block after the switch is made.

4) You can further add actions to your journey based on the replies from the email(s) that you have sent. Example: On reply send a follow up email.

Next Steps

Once you’ve set up reply tracking, you will be able to view all reply-related activities in the Contact Activity Timeline.

  1. To view activity timeline, simply navigate to Contacts, click on a contact to view their activities.

  1. To view their replies, simply click on the View Button above