In addition to the basic text editor options available in the knowledge base, you can now make use of advanced formatting options such as:

A quick guide to using Quick insert

Note: The quick insert icon only appears when the cursor is moved to an empty content area

Quick insert allows you to enrich your knowledge base article with the additional content format, without disrupting your flow while drafting your content. To make use of this, you should:

  • Go to the Solutions tab and create a new article or edit an existing one
  • Once you navigate to the content editor below the title of the article, you will find the quick insert icon appearing to the left of your cursor
  • Click on the icon to expand the formatting options and select from one of the following options:
    • Insert image: Adds an image where the cursor is present on the content editor
    • Insert video: Embeds a video where the cursor is present, based on the video URL that you enter
    • Callout cards: Inserts a card used to draw attention to a note, info, idea, warning or tip about the content
    • Insert horizontal line: Inserts a horizontal line where the cursor is present

Tip: You can change the colour of the callout cards by editing the source code. To do this, insert any available callout card from quick insert and then navigate to the code view (</>) on the text editor. Change the type mentioned in the source code of the callout card (class="fd-callout fd-callout--type") to any of the following: note, info, idea, warning or tip. This will change the colour automatically

A quick guide to using Table of content

You can automatically generate a table of content for your article based on each heading available inside it. This will make it easy for your users to quickly understand the structure of your article and also will help them navigate to the section of the article that they prefer, with a click of a button. To use this in your article, you must:

  • Place the cursor on the content area of your new or existing article and click on TOC from the editor to add the Table of content section

  • While creating a new article, add the heading of each section in the article using the paragraph format available in the editor

  • If you want to add the table of content to your existing articles, ensure that all the headings are added using the paragraph format so that the table of content is automatically generated when you click on the TOC icon
  • Once you add the table of content, each heading inside the article is automatically displayed under this section and they are hyperlinked
  • Once you publish the article, users will be able to click on the hyperlinked headings to directly navigate to the relevant section of the article

  • If you want to share a specific section of an article, you can click on the relevant heading in the table of content and copy-paste the URL of the heading (#heading) to the end of the article URL