Multiple teams or agents working on the help center content can now collaborate seamlessly using the new Freshconnect’s integration with the Freshdesk knowledge base. With this, agents can now add collaborators from any part of their organization (or even third party collaborators), get instant feedback regarding a specific section of an article and access the history of conversations about an article at any time to get the complete context. 

A quick guide to adding multiple collaborators in the knowledge base

While working on a solution article, agents might require help in proof-reading the content, getting suggestions on what has to be added or removed before publishing it. Agents can easily get this done right where they are working on their content, by carrying out the following steps:

  • Go to the Solutions tab and save a new article or select an existing article that requires attention from multiple collaborators
  • Once the article opens, click on the Freshconnect widget on the bottom right corner 

  • You can then add the article collaborators by following the steps mentioned in this article. The only difference here is that these steps should be performed while you're on the page where the saved article is displayed

A quick guide to collaborating on content with context 

When multiple people are involved in content creation, it is important to enable conversations right where the content is present to get the necessary context behind each edit made to a specific article. 

  • To enable this, the agent working on an article has to first add the collaborators and initiate the conversation as explained in the previous section. 
  • Once this is done, the collaborator can comment on the article by accessing it directly from the notification received on the Freshconnect widget

  • The collaborators who are not agents within Freshdesk can use the Freshconnect interface to add their comments. They will also be able to see the article and its properties in the same interface

  • The Freshdesk agents can also highlight a section of an article and provide comments specific to that section so that agents can understand which part of the content requires more focus

Starting July 1, 2020, Freshconnect will not be available in the Freshworks Switcher. The widget, the links, and all the email notifications, however, will be accessible for users across the product.