Quick Actions in the bot builder enables agents to move around easily in a bot conversation. You can allow your agents to go to the previous or a different dialog or conversation at any point in time at just a click of a button if required.


A quick guide to setting up Quick Actions:

  • Login to your Freshdesk account as an Admin

  • Go to Admin > Agent Productivity > Assist bot under Freddy configurations

  • Select the bot you want to edit from the bot list page

  • Click on the ‘Quick actions’ icon from the right navigation bar


  • Use the ‘+ New quick action’ to set up a new one

  • Give your quick action a name under ‘Label

  • Define which dialog this quick action should lead to upon selection under ‘Go to dialog

  • Choose the required type of quick action. There are three types:

    • Predefined buttons: Choose this option if the defined quick action is to be a button in the flow. By selecting the checkbox below, this button can be enabled to show up for all dialogs in the bot conversation by default.

    • Slash command: Choose this option if the defined quick action is to be triggered by a / command in the input box.