When you have agents working globally across various regions, a bot helping the agent in a language they best understand will improve the agent experience and efficiency. With the Assist bot's builder, you can configure multiple languages in a single pane, thus making your bot polyglot. If a particular conversation needs to be updated for another language, you can access it in the bot builder and update the conversation for just that language.

A quick guide to setting up multilingual bots:

  • Login to your Freshdesk account as Admin
  • Go to Admin > Agent Productivity > Assist bot under Freddy configuration
  • Select the bot you want to edit from the bot list page

  • Click on the ‘Multilingual’ icon from the right navigation bar

  • Make sure you have the right bot version selected from the drop-down

  • Click on the 'Add New Language' option and add all the required languages from the drop-down

  • Download the main language’s bot script by clicking on the 'Download original script' option

  • Replace the main-language text with the required translations in the script and upload the updated file against the corresponding language inside the Assist bot's builder

  • You'll also know when the file was last updated