Suppression of Identifiable Information: 

For customers of Freshmarketer: We will store the email id, phone number (if given), name, credit card details as long as you're a customer of Freshmarketer. Upon cancellation of your account, we will no longer be storing your data. 

For customers of Freshmarketer's customer: We don't collect personally identifiable data of your website visitor unless being sent by your wish through "custom attribute" feature. Except for Session Replay, we don't collect or store the email id of the end-user. That being said, you can stop passing email-id of your visitor in our FM.identify () API. To summarize, neither Freshmarketer nor our customers can use the data stored in Freshmarketer to identify an individual or match it with further data on an individual data. 

In addition, we have rolled out a feature to anonymize IP addresses. All your visitor's IP addresses will be masked and stored. And, in Session Replay, we have rolled out a feature to mask all the keystrokes of your website visitor. Inputs entered by your visitor will be masked and stored as asterisks. 

Technical Support

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