Once you have the subscription preference set up successfully, learn how to manage the subscription preferences for your contacts.

Note: The existing contacts in your lists will be subscribed to all the default subscription types once set up.

There are 3 types of subscription status in Freshmarketer.

Subscribed - Subscribed to at least 1 subscription type.
Not subscribed - Not subscribed to any of the subscription types.
Unsubscribed -  Unsubscribed to all the subscription types.

How can I change the subscription preference for existing contacts?

  • To change the preference for a single contact you can go to ‘All contacts’ and use the vertical ellipsis (hamburger icon) to display the options and select ‘Edit’. A task pane opens from the right, for you to edit the contact fields and to modify the subscription status and select the subscription types.

  • To modify the preferences for multiple contacts you can go to ‘Lists’ > choose the appropriate list and multi-select contacts you would like to change the subscription preference for.

  • Once selected, click on ‘More actions’ displayed on the top of the dashboard to display the drop-down options. You will find the subscription type which leads you to the list of subscription types and the option to either subscribe or unsubscribe from certain type.


To check the subscription status, you can find the status once you click on any contact.

The subscription types subscribed by a particular contact is listed below on the same page.

You can also change the subscription type by clicking on a particular contact and editing the subscription status from there.

  • Click on particular contact > Find and click the ‘edit’ option on the top right corner to open the task pane from the right to change the subscription status.



Changing subscription status for the newly added contacts:

There are multiple ways to populate contacts into your Freshmarketer account.
You will find multiple ways to update subscription status when adding single or multiple contacts.

Note: When adding contacts, all the contacts are by default in ‘not-subscribed’ status.

When adding a single contact-

If you are making use of ‘add contact’ option from the ‘All contacts’ dashboard. A task pane from the right is displayed to populate necessary information into the contact fields.

You will find the option to set the subscription status at the bottom of the task pane to either subscribe or unsubscribe from the subscription types.


When adding contacts using copy/paste method: 

Navigate to ‘Lists’ > ‘Create list’ > ‘copy/paste contacts’ you are able to add multiple contacts and add them to a specific list or create a new list on the fly.

Find the ‘Choose the subscription status of these contacts’ and modify the subscription preference and click ‘Finish’.

When adding contacts by uploading a CSV, XLS or XLSX file:

This is the most preferred way when adding multiple contacts into your Freshmarketer database.

Drag or upload the respective file of appropriate format from the ‘upload’ tab and click ‘next’.

Once you are taken to the ‘mapping’ tab, you will find the option to choose the subscription types for the contacts uploaded.


Note: If you have created a custom subscription type after uploading the contacts, you will have to change the status for the uploaded contacts as they will not be mapped to the recently created subscription type by default.