Freshmarketer dashboard provides consolidated data pertaining to the overall performance of email campaigns and the conversion optimization experiments launched. The widgets provide real-time data gathered over a period of time. The date range can be adjusted to view metrics for a specific period of time within the last 30 days. Below are the different widgets available on the dashboard.

  • At a glance

  • Campaign overview

  • To-Dos

  • Recent experiments & campaigns

  • Email campaigns - Performance trend report

  • Top email campaigns

  • Email campaigns - List performance trend

AT A GLANCE: This provides a quick glimpse of the number of running conversion rate optimization experiments at the moment in your account.


CAMPAIGN OVERVIEW: This provides the overall campaigns’ metrics for the selected date range. Below are the metrics that will be shown.




Emails sent

Total number of emails sent for the selected date range

Delivery rate

The rate at which the number of emails delivered among the emails sent

(emails delivered/emails sent)*100

Opens(Open rate)

The rate at which the number of emails opened among the emails delivered

(emails opened/emails delivered) * 100

Click rate

The rate at which the number of clicks happened to the total emails delivered

(emails clicked/emails delivered) *100


The rate at which the number of unsubscribes happened among the total subscribers

(number of unsubscribes/total subscribers) * 100

Drop/Rise in metric:

This metric is calculated as ((new value-old value)/old value)*100. 

For example, the difference in the email sent count in the current 30 days selected in comparison to the previous 30 days will be computed as,

(current 30 days email sent count - previous 30 days email sent count / previous 30 days email sent count)*100.

TO-DOs: For ease of use and getting the maximum utilisation of Freshmarketer, this widget will help you with the checklist of important steps that need to be completed before sending an email campaign or launching an experiment. By clicking on the steps, you will be taken to the relevant pages where the corresponding actions could be performed. Once you have done all the prerequisite actions, the widget would look like in the below screenshot.

RECENT EXPERIMENTS & CAMPAIGNS: This widget allows the users to easily navigate to the recent experiments and campaigns from the dashboard itself. The list includes campaigns and experiments of all statuses. 

PERFORMANCE TREND REPORT: This report provides clear insights into how your campaigns are performing over time.

The X-axis signifies the date and Y-axis signifies the count of sent, opened and bounced emails. The date range could be adjusted to see the counts for a specific time period by hovering over the graph. This graph comprises all the campaigns you have sent so far.

TOP EMAIL CAMPAIGNS: This report helps you to gather the top 5 performing campaigns based on click rates for the specified date range. 

This also helps you to get an insight into your customer’s engagement and interests. By clicking the campaign name, you will be navigated to the corresponding campaign’s report page. 

The click rate is calculated as (Emails Clicked/ Emails Delivered)*100.

LIST PERFORMANCE TREND: To study the performance of your contact lists, this report comes in handy. You can get the details like the overall number of contacts who have unsubscribed from your emails on the selected date range.

The X-axis signifies the date and Y-axis signifies the count of subscribes and unsubscribes happened.