To authenticate the sender’s email address, we provide an option to verify the email address which is mandatory to send a campaign.

You have to verify the email address in the first step of the campaign, under the 'Configure' tab. Once you enter the sender’s name and email address, click on the Verify Email button. A verification email will be sent to the mentioned email address.

Until the email is verified, the status will be shown as ‘Waiting’. You will have options to Resend the email and Refresh the email field.


Once you have verified the email, you will get an acknowledgment as shown below.


If an email address is verified on one campaign, the same email address need not be verified on the other campaigns. All the verified email addresses will be listed down once you click on the field. You can choose a pre-verified one from the dropdown list as shown below.


Until the sender email address is verified, you will not be able to send the campaign. You will be prompted to verify the email address on the Review tab under the configuration details.