This article walks you through the steps to create an email campaign. There are two types of Emails campaigns in Freshmarketer.

1. Bulk Campaigns: It consists of email campaigns run by the user for a large group at once.

2. Journey Emails: Email campaigns which are a part of the Journeys created by the user. These email campaigns cannot be targeted for a specific audience at the time of configuration and can only be in "Ready to send status". These campaigns can be used when designing a journey.

To begin with, go to Freshmarketer dashboard. Click Bulk Campaigns -> Create email campaign button and provide your campaign name.

To successfully create a Campaign, follow the below four steps:

  1. Configure

  2. Style

  3. Design

  4. Review


The configure section helps you set up your email campaign with details like:

Campaign name: The name of your campaign

Sender name and email address: The email address of the sender needs to be verified before sending any campaign. All the pre-verified email addresses will be populated on the dropdown. 

Please check this help article to know more about email verification.

Reply-to email address: The email address to which the reply emails should be sent. If you prefer to use the same email address as the sender, you can enable the checkbox “Same as sender email address”.

Recipient List: The contact list to which the campaign has to be sent. 

Click on the ‘Recipient List’ dropdown to select the list that you have uploaded. Once you select a particular list, the segments inside the list will also be displayed. You can either choose the entire list or you can choose the segments within the list for your campaign. Multiple segments can also be selected and personalised within a list.

Subject: The subject line of your email.

You can personalize the subject line based on the contact properties that you have configured earlier. The properties which you have set previously will be populated in the Personalise dropdown. For example, by choosing the first name property as shown below, the emails received by the contacts will have their first name on their email subject line. The dropdown includes the custom contact properties too.

Please check this article to know how to create custom contact properties.

Pre header: A summary text to provide a brief of the email content. This will be shown next to the subject line of your email.

Footer details: The footer information set from your end would be displayed in the end. Choose the appropriate footer details for your campaign from the options listed.

Click on Next to proceed to the next step.


Style your emails the way you want to with the below four options.

Themes: Choose from our existing themes based on categories like Newsletter, Transactional, Offers etc., for your emails. The categories can be chosen from the All templates dropdown.

Layouts:  If you prefer to style your email without themes, simply choose a basic template and use the editor to create your preferred email design and content.

Saved: You can style your emails with an existing template also. The previously saved templates will be displayed in the below tab, from which you can select and proceed to design.

Upload HTML: You can upload your own design as a HTML file and make minor modifications using the editor. This is recommended for users familiar with custom coding. 

Please check this document to know the guidelines for using the upload HTML feature.


Once you choose your layout, you will be directed to the ‘Design’ step where you can customize your emails based on the different editing options that we have. If you have chosen multiple segments from the list, you can personalize your design for each and every segment. 

Please check this help doc to explore the various editor options.

After you’ve completed, you can save the current design. The template will be saved under Style which can be reused. You can preview your design on both mobile and desktop.

A test email can be sent to a maximum of 5 contacts from the preview. This gives a glimpse of how your email will look like to the user.

Click on Next to proceed to the next step.


Once you’ve completed the above steps, you can preview your email on Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile. The configuration details can be verified and edited before sending. The ‘Send Now’ button will be enabled after all your configurations are verified/resolved. If any of the configure details aren't verified or resolved, a warning icon will be shown that allows you to navigate to that step upon clicking.

You can choose to send the campaign immediately, or you can schedule it for later.

Please check this help doc to know more about scheduling your email campaign.