RegEx equips you to simultaneously test any number of web pages against their variants.

Say you came up with a new design for your website (i.e) you created a variant for all pages.   VS     VS

Let’s assume you have ‘n’ such pages.To perform this test, you have to split your traffic between the two versions of each of these pages. 

Without RegEx, you will have to create an exclusive experiment for each page. But with RegEx, instead of mapping URLs to each other, you can map URL patterns. This way, you can map many pairs of pages using a single Regex definition. For a better understanding, let's see how to define a Regex in Freshmarketer for the above scenario               VS

Case 1: 

Let’s assume that you want to run the experiment only on 3 pages (signup, pricing, and download). Then your Regex Definition will look like this:

http:// | pricing.html | download.html)

Vs | pricing.html | download.html)

You can list the pages inside parentheses, separated by commas. The experiment will run only on these pages.

Case 2: 

Say, you want to test all pages of your website except the homepage (or any other page). Using the exclude URL option you can exclude them from the experiment.

Number of pages included in the exp > number of pages excluded --> Use exclude URL option

Number of pages excluded in the exp > number of pages included --> Use listing in parentheses

When visitors access the sign-up page of any product during the experiment, a portion of those visitors will be redirected to a new sign up page by Freshmarketer automatically. Depending on the rate of visitor conversions a winning page design/concept can be picked.

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