How to Integrate Polls with Zapier:

Login to your account => Project settings => Integrations => Zapier

  After enabling Zapier, Click “ Generate API Key” in the next window and “Copy the API Key” select “ Take me to Zapier”  

  Now login to your Zapier account => Select “Make a Zap” 


In Search field Type “Freshmarketer” and choose “Freshmarketer” in the results

In the next screen, Paste the copied API key and select “Yes, Continue”

In the next screen by default “New Poll Response” will be selected, Click “Save+Continue” button

In the next screen, Choose “Connect an account” and select “Continue” and choose the Freshmarketer account from which you would like to get the Poll results and select “TEST” button to ensure it works fine.

Now, Select the drop-down menu, Now list of Poll experiments created under the chosen “Freshmarketer” account will be listed, In this guide I have chosen “” as a Freshmarketer account, hence polls that has been created in the account will listed when you select drop-down menu

Now choose the Poll for which you would like to Fetch results and then select “Continue” button

In the next screen, again choose “Fetch and Continue” button

Now you will see message saying “Test successful” which means you have successfully configured Zapier-Freshmarketer Poll Integration

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